ABUS EOT cranes at Sanmar, a Turkish builder of towboats

Turkey – where waterways intersect
In recent years Turkey has become an emerging trading and industrial nation, a hub between east and west, between north and south. Turkey’s territory sits on two continents and can boast a coast of 7,200 kilometres. Important waterways such as the Bosporus, the Dardanelles, the Suez canal, and Gibraltar at the other end of the Mediterranean make the country an integral part of global business. And where ever giant vessels operate there is a call for those small but very powerful towboats, also called tugs. One leading builder of these towboats is the Turkish shipyard Sanmar A.S. (www.sanmar.com.tr).

These small, yet powerful, vessels of Sanmar give the global economy a push
Sanmar is the oldest privately owned builder of towboats in Turkey. National as well as international customers have been buying their towboats, their workboats, and their pilot boats for over 36 years. The state-of-the-art shipyards of Sanmar are spread out along the Tuzla bay near Istanbul. Sanmar also offers tug services around the world keeping its own team of experienced sailors. The average age of Sanmar’s fleet is under two years. Well over one hundred towboats of Sanmar are currently operating in the harbours and the sees around the world.
Sanmar does not only look back on tradition and experience but is also developing innovative marine technology in cooperation with other specialists. Currently they are fitting a towboat to be powered by liquid gas (LPG) which is going to result in increased power and, at the same time, decreased exhaust emissions.

Binnenkraan met trolley op hoofdtraverse Kraan in sleepbootbedrijf in Turkije Werkplaatskraan aan het werk in sleepbootbedrijf in Turkije Sanmar sleepboot onderweg op zee ABUS loopkat met kettingtakel op een binnenkraan Samenwerking van ABUS-kranen uit Duitsland met sleepboten van Sanmar, Turkije

Precision makes quality
Each shipyard requires cranes to lift material and prebuilt components to where the ship is being built. This would frequently involve heavy and cumbersome elements that need to be lifted safely to the installation place on the ship under construction. These components need to be handled and processed with precision in order to guarantee the quality that Sanmar sets great store by. And this is why Sanmar relies on the crane technology of the German company ABUS Kransysteme, located at Gummersbach, for expanding and modernising its shipyards.
The following cranes are operating in the Tuzla shipyard in a building with a length of 150 metres:
4 ABUS double girder EOT cranes with a load capacity of twice 32 tonnes and spans of 17 metres featuring 2 double rail trolleys GM7000, wire rope hoists of the D type with an increased lifting speed in this case.
The Tuzla Dericiler Sanayi shipyard has two bays with lengths of 72 metres and 85 metres respectively and has the following cranes installed:
3 ABUS double girder EOT cranes with twice 16 tonnes load capacity and spans of 30 metres. The wire rope hoists used are GM5000 and type D.
1 ABUS double girder EOT crane with a SWL of 16 tonnes and a span of 13.5 metres also featuring a wire rope hoist GM5000, type D.

In the initial planning phase Sanmar was given expert advice by the Turkish agent of ABUS Kransysteme, the company Ege Makina (www.abusvinc.com), making it possible to let the special requirements of the shipyard influence the design of the cranes. In the assembly shop the boats are put together using prefabricated elements. Starting with the keel the elements are assembled section by section and layer by layer and then welded together. In the first building phase the crane transports smaller and lighter components with one hoist into the middle of the boat. As the assembly progresses so do the components. Ever wider and heavier elements are lifted onto the growing hull. Now both hoists on the crane are used and the distance between the hooks, the highest hook position as well as the load capacity have been designed specifically for these requirements.
The crane components have been supplied by ABUS from Germany in the form of crane kits, i.e. complete cranes minus the main girders, and shipped to Turkey. In Turkey Ege Makina has supervised the fitting of these kits onto the locally produced main girders. Ege Makina then carried out the mounting and commissioning of these cranes in the buildings of Sanmar.
Ege Makina has been representing the German crane producer ABUS Kransysteme in Turkey for over 25 years. During this time the Istanbul company has designed, sold, and installed well over 1,500 cranes in Turkey based on the ABUS components. The service team of Ege Makina, trained regularly by ABUS, maintains and services the cranes in operation, a service which is greatly valued by Sanmar.
Sanmar and ABUS are a team knowledgeable in moving great volumes reliably and to the exact location: Sanmar with their tugboats on the seas of this world and ABUS with their crane systems in the industrial buildings worldwide.

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